We partner with the following organizations to provide free hunts to certain groups, develop calls, and help build community. Please click on their logos for more information and give them some support, too!

We’re especially passionate about supporting our veterans!

Owner Adam McClain is an Arizona native with a passion for hunting turkeys and years of experience making custom calls as well as professional videos. A purchase of any calls can help find a future cure, as a portion of the proceeds will go to great nonprofits that are developing a cure for Type1 Diabetes.  

The Sheepdog Coalition combines outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, hunting, and more to help heal from the physical, psychological, and spiritual effects our veterans suffer from after valiantly serving our country. The ultimate goal is to establish a resilient support system that prevents further loss, failure, or self-inflicted harm among our veterans.

The Marine Gunner Association was created to foster relationships within the Marine Gunner Community and to honor the families of those who have served.

Infinity Hunts specializes in helping hunters book their dream hunts with experienced guides and outfitters. Their extensive research and boots-on-the-ground approach ensures a top quality experience. They will be there for you throughout your entire adventure – before, during, and after the hunt!